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Vitamins for effective studying

Ability to think, remember, learn, use new information is connected with balanced and varied diet. Diet which is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients is important for adults, but even more important for children! That is why special vitamin complexes for learning, improving memory and harmonious development are relevant and in demand.

Observation, movement and development – vitamins A, D and E

Group of vitamins A, D, and E (“fat soluble”) help to ensure a complete and comprehensive development.

Vitamin A. Everyone knows that key to good vision is adequate intake of vitamin A. This vitamin helps our eyes to distinguish colours and maintain visual acuity with increased training loads. In fact, it is activator of visual centres of brain and regulates its activity, because brighter we perceive world around us, more positive emotions we have – easier it is for us to remember information, even if it seemed boring to us.

Vitamin D3. Even most inactive training program – is a huge load on musculoskeletal system. That is why that parents and teachers pay so much attention to correct child’s posture while sitting at the desk and sufficient physical activity, especially in elementary school! Therefore, it is very important that along with this body receives enough vitamin D. This vitamin allows you to fully develop bone tissue, to form a full-fledged muscular skeleton – to ensure full and harmonious physical development.

Vitamin E. This vitamin is one of the most essential vitamins for whole body. Vitamin E is literally responsible for every cell in all organs and tissues! Thanks to vitamin E, cells of eye easier regenerate and renew, neurons of brain receive enough oxygen and necessary substances, and we transfer loads more easily and restore forces faster. Vitamin E is a universal remedy that supports the full development of the whole organism, which is responsible for its efficiency and recovery after stress.

Calmness, confidence and attentiveness – vitamins of Group B

Vitamins of group B are traditionally “protectors” of nervous system and regulate all processes occurring in it.

Folic acid. Even before birth of the child, folic acid (vitamin B9) protects nervous system of child, contributing to its full development. All structures of brain and spinal cord, their development and specialization, one way or another depend on sufficient intake of folic acid. In addition, it helps provide oxygen to nerve cells and maintains their activity.

Vitamins B1, B6 and B12. These are three vitamins that determine emotions, attention and memory. They provide a complete connection between nerve cells and their interaction – they are responsible for memorizing information, integration, and contribute to its better reproduction. These vitamins also determine stress resistance: if there is a lack of them, we feel stress. If everything is in order with the balance of B1, B6 and B12 – we are confident and balanced!

Memorize, analyze and remember – Omega-3 and lecithin

Omega-3 and lecithin components are especially necessary for successful study, memory and attention.

Omega-3 acids. They are necessary for both adult and growing body to maintain brain functions, improve blood flow through brain vessels, improve memory and attention, increase stress tolerance and physical endurance. Child is restless quite often, learns poorly and is capricious due to Omega-3 deficiency. Its sufficient supply contributes for normalization of emotional sphere of child and improves child’s attention.

Lecithin. Lecithin and Omega-3 should be ingested together in order to influence on intellectual development and on logical thinking. Lecithin is fundamentally important for children’s body, as it complements effect of Omega-3 – it contributes to logical thinking, memorizing information and better reproduction.

Necessary supplement to ration

All children need to learn and grow!

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