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Omega 3. For a child to be healthy

Omega 3. For a child to be healthy

The baby was healthy, a good student, he developed mentally and physically, he needs a complete diet.

However, almost none of the children receives food, rich in all the elements, necessary for normal development.

When the diet lacks useful nutrients in sufficient quantities, the child is not only prone to frequent diseases, it is also often a lag in physical development, he suffers from attention deficit, deteriorating vision, slowing of cognitive activity. In adults, deficiency of essential vitamins, micro and macro causes reduced immunity, fatigue, the development of cardiovascular disease, and depression.

If the child’s body is not getting enough polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, it may cause developmental problems, attention, memory, reduced learning capacity, rapid fatigue, reduction of visual acuity, even bad behavior. That the child receives enough omega-3, it needs at least twice a week eat fatty fish. However, every mother knows how expensive this is and how children are reluctant to eat fish dishes. Some try to solve this problem, giving the baby fish oil. However, due to the unpleasant smell it even adults take not want, not to mention the children. We offer affordable, delicious and safe alternative to the fish dishes and the classic cod-liver oil. Moreover, this alternative will appeal to both adults. As is known, deficiency of omega-3 in adults causes the development of atherosclerosis, contributes to the level of cholesterol in the blood, depression. To prevent these health problems helps product that contains beneficial omega-3 fats in the required daily dose.

In Europe very popular syrups with useful omega-3 acids, and vitamins for children, however in Ukraine this product until recently was not. We have gathered European experience, has studied the needs of the Ukrainian market and realized that our children and their parents need special care. Children need a product that will help to grow up healthy, to study well, to please parents, to have the strength not only to study but also to recreation and entertainment. And parents need the care of the vessels and nervous system. To perform all these tasks helps delicious syrup Vitatone MultiOmega which contains extremely valuable for human organism polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3 and 12 vitamins and minerals for normal functioning of the thyroid gland, brain, nervous system, mental and mental development, immunity, vision.

Choosing Vitatone MultiOmega, you choose health, quality and taste great, which will surely appeal to your child, and all adult family members!