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Multivitamin and Omega

What is deficiency of Omega-3 and vitamin associated with?

In a period of intensive mental and physical stresses vitamin-mineral complex based on fish fat – VITATON MultiOmega will become an additional source of nutritional agents necessary to support mentality and to raise vitality for adults and infants being represented at the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market by NEWTONE PHARMA LIMITED Company (Great Britain). It includes 14 vitamins and minerals as well as fish fat – the source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Healthful agents in VITATONE MultiOmega are well balances, and Omega-3 fatty acids are contained in the syrup in the form it has been generated by nature.

Omega-3 for sharp intellect and strong memory!

Irritability, nervous state, poor memory, mental alertness reduction – these are unpleasant symptoms often appearing in autumn. They may witness about lack of Omega-3 fatty acids. These agents are indispensable for each cell’s vital activity and affect favourably upon child’s cognitive functions and educational activity.

It is common knowledge that at least 35-40% of brain lipids and 70% of human retina are composed of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), and in the period from birth to 12 years old cerebrum mass increases in 3.5 times.

Thus, Omega-3 FA is required for correct formation and normal functioning of brain and nervous system, which is most crucial for children in the periods of intensive growth and development. It is – real “feeding” for future clever boys and girls! They improve abilities to reading, writing, fine motor skills and coordination of movement, IQ level of future generation, prevent overfatigue and development of reduced mental alertness syndrome and hyperactivity.

Tasty vitamin candies for good mark!

VITATON MultiOmega contains a balanced complex of 14 vitamins and minerals assisting a child to succeed in studies and keep healthy.

Iodine, contained in VITATON MultiOmega, ensures maintenance of mental health and neurodevelopment. It is known that its shortage may cause child’s mental deficiency. Vitamin А secures normal vision, which is most important for small children acquiring much information namely due to visual memory, as well as for school children spending much time at computer or books. Children and teenagers’ provision with Vitamin В1 is essential for efficiency increase in the process of studies and rescuing from quick fatigue in children, especially of school age. Vitamins С, Е and А, as well zinc are required to support immunity, which is very important in the period of cold-related diseases.

Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorus exchange necessary for bones development, being important for supporting child’s physical form and tonus.

Vitamins А, В2, В6, РРand biotin are essential for health maintenance of skin, hair and nails. Vitamins of В group, included into composition of VITATONE MultiOmega, are necessary for normal supporting of nervous system state and body tonus increase – for example, insufficient amount of vitamin В6 may develope into irritability and sleepiness. Work decrement, rapid fatigability, leg weakness and irritability – are states accompanied by insufficient amount of Vitamin C in body . Furthermore, this vitamin accounts for vessels state in our body.

Syrup VITATON MultiOmega smells pleasantly and has a taste of tropical fruit. It does not have any smell and taste of fish, glucose free, thus, it suits for diabetics. These vitamins will be to taste of small sweet teeth suffering from mental work load in school or kindergarten as well as adults working much and have to be in tonus. It is important that VITATON MultiOmega is manufactured in Europe in accordance with strict quality standards. Due to democratic pricing policy of VITATON MultiOmega Company it is sold at acceptable price.