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Have the child’s studies become worse? Why?

Memory, attention, active entertainment: how to assist child’s development

Brain building, good memory, physical activity and strong health – all this is due to vitamins, microelements and healthy Omega-3 acids!

Unfortunately, parents often accuse their children in that he/she refuses to study and are not interested in learning explaining it by children indurations and laziness. Indeed, it is sometimes decided that – the reason is in the educational system, which does not consider individual needs of a child. Until you are establishing the reason caused reduction in educational achievement, do not loose time: take care of a child to get necessary microelements and vitamins as well as Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for mental abilities.

Omega-3 is required for adequate mental functioning as contained in it in a large amount. They improve child’s mental abilities, assist to concentrate on studies, facilitate memory and attention enhancement. At the same time deficiency of Omega-3polyunsaturated fatty acids – is a very widespread phenomenon. Omega-3 are contains in fatty fish sorts. It is recommended to take two helpings of fatty fish sorts per day in order to provide the body with necessary amount of Omega-3. However, first of all, it is beyond many Ukrainian families’ means, secondly, children not always eat willingly fish. And the issue is the children do not get substance essential for successful studies because of a gap in ration.

Inadequately balanced ration leads also to child’s body feeling vitamins and microelements deficiency; it is difficult to be successful in studies lacking them. For example,

  • Vitamin K1 is one of the key to the blood system. It reduces bleeding. Especially those children who often have a nosebleed due to lack of air humidity – prolonged stay in indoor areas (school, kindergarten) or “under the air conditioner”;
  • Vitamin D in sufficient amount provides children body with quick growth, ensures adequate skeleton bones growth, necessary for sound teeth, skin health;
  • Vitamins of В group (В1, В2, В6, В12) assist in supporting nervous system function, decrease fatigability development, bad mood, sleepiness;
  • Iodine is required for mentality and psychological health maintenance;
  • Zinc cares about immunity and skeleton strength as well is essential for mental development.

Vitatone MultiOmega – is a complex of Omega-3 fatty acids, 12 vitamins and microelements. It will take care about all aspects of child’s harmonious development, provide with good memory and attention, promote attention concentration upon studies, helps child’s body more easily to stand against the old-related diseases and better to fit to physical loads.

However, it won’t hurt to use various means in order to achieve progress in studies. Find time and certainly talk with your child’s supervising teacher about current situation. Perhaps, the child starts to fall behind by some subjects as he/she has not understood the whole material. It is simple to correct be means of additional classes. And Omega-3 acid and vitamin complex will care about the studies to appear easier for the child.

One more our advice: think over, is your child’s day organized correctly. He/she shall not only study and visit various circles as well as go for a walk outdoor, spend time creatively, play active games. It is important for the rest not to be only sitting before TV set or tablet. Pay attention to – schoolchildren of junior classes shall sleep not less than 8-9 hours.

We are confident that you find the reason of school progress quickly and together with Vitatone MultiOmega will assist the child in attaining success in studies, be healthy, resist colds and be glad to active rest.