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From 0 to 18: the age of the child and vitamins

From 0 to 18: the age of the child and vitamins

For growth and development, for the normal formation of all organs and systems, in order to have the strength for learning and playing, children need a variety of vitamins and minerals. Naturally, the needs for various useful elements for a three-year-old child and a twelve-year-old teenager are different. Nevertheless, how to determine which vitamins, minerals and other useful substances are the most important at the particular age? Let us try to figure it out!

Vitamins for children aged under 1 year

Most babies at this age are fed of breast milk. This is the optimal product for babies, as it contains vitamins, minerals, the necessary proteins and fats in the right concentration for the baby. Moreover, the composition of breast milk is able to “adapt” to the needs of the child as it is growing. In this period, it is important to take care of the fact that mother receives all the necessary substances from the food and special vitamin complexes. If nutrients are not enough, the body of a woman will suffer – since all resources are focused on the needs of the child. Children, who receive artificial feeding, also get the necessary complex of nutrients. Manufacturers take care of enriching baby food with vitamins and minerals and prevent the development of hypovitaminosis. Sometimes kids experience deficiency of certain substances, for example, vitamin D, but usually such cases are detected and corrected by a pediatrician.

Vitamins for children aged from one year

In the period from 1 to 2 years, the child is gradually passing from breast milk or special baby food to “adult food”. Since ordinary food does not contain as many useful substances as mother’s milk or special products for babies, special multivitamin complexes can already be recommended during this period. Which vitamins and minerals should they contain? Since the child is in a very active stage of growth and development, a whole complex of useful substances is certainly necessary, but vitamins B, D, C, PP and A are most important during this period.

The form of the multivitamin preparation is also important. Such toddlers fit only liquid, in the form of syrup.

When it comes to the need to give vitamins and minerals to the child, other vital elements are often missed, in particular, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3. Omega-3 is essential for the health and development of the child, as they are responsible for the development of the brain, nervous system and eyesight. Omega-3 is also important for immunity, strengthens blood vessels and the entire cardiovascular system, is essential for the health of hair and skin, the formation and development of adult teeth. According to the research, the majority of children receive less than a quarter of the required amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, and deficiency is observed in developed countries.

The main difficulty is that the key source of Omega-3 is marine fish, which, as a rule, children do not eat readily.

Another, and, perhaps, the most important problem – the fish sold in Ukraine, is of rather doubtful quality. It is grown on farms, and because of the specificity of food, it practically does not contain valuable Omega-3 acids, or is caught in places where the content of mercury and other harmful substances is not controlled in water. For example, in mackerel, there is high content of Omega-3, but according to analysis, it is also one of the record holders for the content of mercury. Regular eating of such fish is simply dangerous for the child.

For children, the optimal source of Omega-3 is precisely the pharmaceutical products. In the fine product with Omega-3 content, it is necessary to indicate in which region fish was caught, the fat of which was used for the production of the drug. For example, Vitatone Multiomega vitaminum syrup contains fish oil of sea fish caught in ecologically clean areas of cold seas near Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

VitatoneMultiomega is ideal for children of any age, starting from one year, thanks to the form of syrup with a pleasant tropical taste, containing 13 vital vitamins and minerals and fatty acids Omega-3!

Vitamins for children aged two years

From 2 to 3 years, the needs and priorities in obtaining vitamins by a child are basically the same as in 1 year, but experts note that it is important to provide the body with minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. Starting from 2 years, the immature immune system has been developing intensively, therefore it is necessary not to allow deficiency of such vitamins as A, B, C and E, which directly participate in the formation of immune cells and proteins. It is still preferable to give vitamins in the form of syrup.

Vitamins for children aged 3 years

Three-year age is quite critical for babies in many aspects.

First, children not only go mainly to “adult” food, but also actively form their own food preferences. In this case, they can refuse a whole group of products, lacking important macro and micronutrients.

Secondly, children at this age usually begin active social life – the first time they go to kindergarten and/or to various developmental activities. Instead of one or two or three comrades on the playground, the child communicates with at least a dozen children, which means that his/her immune system badly needs additional strengthening.

The stress factor is also aggravated. New communication, new occupations, changes in the regime of the day create certain pressure on the nervous system of the baby.

So, what vitamins should you focus on? Thiamine, vitamin A, B6, C and PP, as well as riboflavin – for the immune system, Omega-3 – to prevent stress and success in the class!

Starting from the age of three, there is also a possibility of variation with the form of the vitamin-mineral complex. For example, children adore effervescent tablets, VitatoneKids. This drug is recommended to children aged from 3 years, contains vitamins and minerals necessary for children, and at the same time it is an excellent alternative to sweets “with special effects.”

Vitamins for children aged 4 years, 5 years, 6 years

In general, the needs of children at this age are the same as for three-year-olds. However, it must be taken into account that in this period, children have active growth of the bone and muscle systems, and very high physical activity. Take care of a sufficient amount of calcium, vitamins C, B, D and A.

For infants of preschool age, it is very important that vitamins are tasty and interesting. Only in this case they not only accept them willingly, but they remind parents of vitamins daily. Jelly pastilles are one of the favorite forms of vitamins for children. The vitamin-mineral complex VitatoneKids in the form of jelly pastilles with the addition of natural juices of carrot, apple, elderberry and turmeric powder, is made in Europe especially for children aged from 4 years old. NewtonePharma offers a high-quality product for children, designed to meet the needs for this age in essential vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins for children aged from 7 years

It is not for nothing that exactly 7 years is the standard age of admission to school. From this period, the bone and muscle growth of the child slows down, but the intensive development of the brain begins. Along with this physiological feature, the new environment, the need to absorb whole arrays of knowledge, increasing discipline requirements, etc. provoke stress in small schoolchildren and natural fatigue. At the same time, the load on immunity is growing, because children spend even more time in school classes than in kindergarten groups, and stress and constant stress significantly weaken the body’s natural defense against infections. Even if previously the parents managed to avoid pharmaceutical preparations and vitaminize the child solely with the help of food products, the prophylactic reception of a full complex of vitamins and minerals is recommended for schoolchildren, and, of course, Omega-3 is required to support the brain and the nervous system.

Vitamins for children aged from 12 years

Approximately, from the age of 12 years the pubertal period begins, which is characterized by certain hormonal changes in the body. In our time, many children start this process at an even earlier age, about 10 years. These changes affect the reproductive, endocrine, nervous systems of the body; significantly change the child’s behavior both in the family and in society. At the same time, the workload in school and in additional classes only increases. In the period of puberty, it is extremely important to prevent iodine deficiency. In adolescence, deficiency of this mineral can lead even to infertility. Recall that Ukraine is in the top five iodine deficiency countries, and therefore, to provide the daily rate of iodine without additional supplements is almost impossible! It is necessary to continue to give Omega-3 to your child, which will help to avoid learning problems and nervous overloads, and a full range of vitamins and minerals. Note that in adolescence, there are already differences in the recommended daily dose of certain substances for boys and girls. For example, young men need about 10-30% more vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, E.

An excellent vitamin complex for teenagers is VitatoneMultiomega, which contains 13 vitamins and minerals (including iodine), as well as PUFA Omega-3.