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Do teenagers need vitamins?

Sure enough, it’s hard to be a teenager, but even harder is to be a mother of one. Let’s talk about how we can help a teenager be healthy, going through a number of challenges, which are so natural during adolescence, and how to nourish the body with all necessary vitamins.

Many adults, recalling their adolescence times, shake their heads: say, I was far to be an ideal. Teenagers, perhaps, are the most “difficult” out of all whom we have to deal with. It is one of the most challenging lifetimes to get though. Teenagers experience a number of changes within their organism, not an easy puberty process, hormonal surges, rapid physical growth, and in this they have to figure out their future occupation as well as their place in society, pick up a role model to stick to, be nice with friends and new mates, opposite sex, claim their ideas and social position, pass exams with success, not to disappoint their parents, be a social network influencer, break rules, try the forbidden and, anyway, manage to stay healthy. The latter, obviously, is the point for their parent to be worried about, as when you are fifteen the world seems to be your unpredictable enemy, but as to the health… who cares about it if your love is unrequited? These are some parents who are head above “how can I make my child eat healthy food ” or even “how to make him eat something”. The equally important issue is what vitamins I should buy? As he, being based on principles, refuses to eat veggies, fish or other food, in the view of the fact that it is not “trendy” because of the smell, color or form, it is possible to compensate for the inevitable lack of vitamins and microelements only by the use of a vitamin and mineral complex.

Vitamins for a maturing organism: what are the most important ones?

Anyway, a teenager’s organism suffers constant influence of rather rapid changes. The most obvious feature is a change in growth. Both boys and girls may grow up by 20 cm in a couple of months. The fact that parents have to buy new outfits of a larger size (or to share their clothes) is only a tip of the iceberg. More importantly, whether the apparatus system has enough “construction material” for the skeleton and locomotor system to be solid and healthy.  To do so, an organism needs the following vitamins for growth:

– calcium
– phosphorus
– vitamin D3
– vitamin K
– vitamin А
– vitamin Е

Cartilagination, bone and muscle formation are being carried out due to magnesium and zinc. Of particular importance for guys is to have zinc in sufficient quantity as it plays a major role in supporting of physical endurance, as well as in forming and functioning of the reproductive system, helping the smooth testosterone production, which is being produced in a boy’s organism during puberty.

The second point to be kept in mind: while choosing poly vitamins for teenagers, count on the mental overload being borne by teenagers. Classes at school, extra classes, consulting with tutors, high school’s concerns about their future career as well as preparation for entrance in universities and colleges – all of it “switches on” teenager’s panic. You must study well to pass the exams and enter a university or college, but in so doing you also have to memorize everything new and not to forget everything learnt earlier. It is better to carry mental burdens with the use of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They positively affect on the whole organism, including the blood vessels of the brains and nerve cells as well. Based on Omega-3, a number of medicines for memory enhancing and brain functioning were produced – they help to develop pupils’ memorization and concentration, being considered as “vitamins for intelligence”. Omega-3, being accompanied by a complex of vitamins D3 and lecithin, will be the optimal choice for a teenager. The necessity to study hard creates an additional burden on vision. Thus, it is of crucial importance for teenagers to receive vitamins A and E, which are good at maintaining vision acuity when high vision load are applied.

Constant pressure is one more feature of adulthood. Firstly, stress arises from mental overloading and high requirements and expectations by adults. Secondly, a stress source also may be conflicts with classmates or teachers, choice of profession, pressure by relatives as to the future career, the first love, concerns about their appearance and tons of other reasons.  Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 help the organism be stress-resistant, harmoniously develop both physically and intellectually.

Choosing a vitamin complex for teenagers

While choosing the best vitamins for teenagers, let’s take into account several factors:

  1. It should be a complex of vitamins and minerals, but not separate vitamins in a form of pills. Such a complex helps to overcome the lack of necessary substances.
  2. Vitamins should be consistent to the age or to provide dosage options according to different age. For example, starting from three years, Vitatone Kids Omega-3 chewing pills are easy in dosing. Depending on the age, a child needs different number of capsules to obtain the necessary quantity of vitamins as well as useful substances.
  3. Please, pay attention to the vitamins’ manufacturer. It should be a brand you trust in. Maybe, you have already given your children such vitamins and were pretty happy with them. A Vitatone Kids product line produced by Newtone Pharma, offers vitamins for children of different ages.
  4. Irrespective of the child’s age, it is better to choose vitamins by their natural ingredients, colouring matters, additives safe for human health (as well as without them), and with a pleasing flavour.

Remember! It is very important to help a teenager schedule his/her day, follow the learning and rest periods, discuss the menu, which should be consisted of veggies, fruits, fish and cereals.  A teenager, being vulnerable in every sense, needs to know that his relatives just want to deal with him, but not to place him before an accomplished fact nor to decide on his behalf. Finally, set yourself as an example for your growing child – take vitamins with him!