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The skin is not in full radiance of beauty, isn’t it? Why?

Taking case of health and beauty in any age

Is your hair not shiny enough as before, nails breaking, the skin is insufficiently fresh … How to save beauty and youth?

If you take balanced meals and get from stuff all necessary substances for the body, usually you do not have any problems with hair, skin and nails. Be aware that even qualitative make-up will not change situation for the better, thus take care of your organism to get first of all required amount of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals essential for beauty maintenance as well.

It is difficult to overestimate the value of Omega-3 in care about beauty and look. These acids have anti-inflammatory effect, prevent appearance of enanthesis, and maintain collagen fibres under normal conditions, from which skin elasticity depends on. Besides, Omega-3 acids are antioxidants and protect body against oxidative stress (as it is known, it is one of the body ageing reasons).

It is also important to know what vitamins are required to maintain beauty of skin, hair and nails. In particular, Vitamin А, is necessary admission in a sufficient amount of which positively affects the appearance, helps maintain skin youth, beautiful hair and strong nails.

If body lacks Vitamin В2, skin starts to peel off, rhagades may appear on the lips, so it is also necessary to be in sufficient amount.

Vitamin В1 needs to regulate metabolic processes and prevents oedemata.

Vitamin С possesses features of antioxidant, i.e. protects skin and hair against negative external influences as well as reinforces vessels. Moreover, this vitamin is responsible for healthy, attractive colour of facial skin.

Vitamin K1 is one of the key to the blood system. It reduces bleeding, supports the blood coagulation system and reduces the vascular pattern of the skin by adding it to linen.

All these vitamins, as well as zinc, selenium, folic acid and extremely important Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are contained in Vitatone MultiOmega. This complex medication prevents skin ageing, protects it against ultraviolet exposure, fights against skin inflammatory process quickly, reduces allergy development, and cares about nails strength and hair beauty.

Omega-3 acids also favours calcium assimilation as it is essential for health and beauty of hair and nails. No wonder that these acids are included into the composition of many preparations intended for youth and beauty maintenance.

Remember that skin emits health, when woman had rest and got enough sleep. Take care of sufficient sleep time. There is one more important aspect– intaking sufficient amount of liquid. Drink at least a litre and half of clean water a day. In addition, try to make your rations maximally natural, use more freshly cooked meals. And take vitamins, minerals, microelements and healthy Omega-3 acids contained in a full complex of Vitatone MultiOmega.

Vitatone MultiOmega is manufactured in Europe, does not contain fish smell and sugar free. Also Vitatone MultiOmega has multi fruit flavour, thus, any woman will appraise its pleasant taste, smell and benefit.

Vitatone MultiOmega – is a natural complex based on 12 vitamins and minerals with a high content of Omega-3acids for good health, beautiful skin and healthy hair.