USEFUL — VITATONE products provide body with required quantity if vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 acids.

TASTY — Our products have pleasant flavour and unique pharmaceutical form and presentation:

VITATONE multivitamin drops, VITATONE drops with Vitamin С.

VITATONE KIDS — is a multivitamin complex for children in the form of jelly pastilles and effervescent tablets for children.

VITATONE MultiOmega — is a multivitamin family syrup with Omega-3.

SAFE — VITATONE — is a European product manufactured in Poland by order and under control of Great Britain.

VERY INTERESTING — NEWTONE PHARMA has direct contacts with companies producing famous cartoons – Nickelodeon and Animaccord, as well as cartoon characters like SpongeBob, Masha and the Bear, which children will certainly love, are on the product packages!